After one month

First of all, I want to thank god for giving me fingers. Without them I would starve because they were my only way to communicate in shops and markets.

Poland… The land about which I’ve heard a lot. Most of them were positive things and mostly about it’s natural beauties. After spending one month in this beautiful country, I can’t say that the stories I heard about Poland were lies. Well, maybe some of them were. ‘’You’re going to Poland where everything is cheaaaaaaap’’ they said. No. They were wrong. Clothing and eating is even more expensive than I used to. So, I’ll leave this as a warning for those who are excited of coming here with full of hope for shopping cheap.

Polish people are all warm and friendly as I expected. Even if I don’t know their language, they tried to communicate, which I find very nice of them. But I can’t generalize Polish people behaviours towards foreigners since I’ve been to Warsaw and Ełk and obviously there are two different perception of strangers in those two. Warsaw is just an ordinary metropolitan and doesn’t need much explanation. I’ll focus on Ełk since I believe the country’s culture is more pure in smaller towns.


 In a small city like Ełk, you don’t have the luxury to walk on the streets unspotted. Especially if you have a beard, which seems to be unusual for Polish men. You just have to embrace the looks focusing on you as you walk down the street and try to act normal. This is where general Polish people behaviour enters the scene. Their attention doesn’t make you feel embarassed. It’s a well-known fact that there are places in which being a foreigner is hard because of the local people’s actions. But in Poland, I never felt bad about this. They give you the impression that they’re looking at you just because they are curious, not because they don’t want you to be there. And this absolutely quicken the adjustment period. After a certain point, you know that they all know you and you expect no harm from them. You can just start to act like you do in your own country.


 I have things in my mind such as Polish cuisine, daily routines, habits etc. but I’ll need more time for observation to tell them from my point of view. That means, I’ll be back with certain subjects and continue to share my impressions and experiences. I tried to focus on being a foreigner in Poland fort his first review and I can sum up my sentences like this: ‘’Poland worths a visit.’’

Stay safe.

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