After.. a while?

Ordering a pizza not only without any problems but also asking for some additional ingredients and warning the lady that my doorbell doesn’t work hit me with the sudden realization of how far I’ve gone in being a foreigner. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a language related problem in stores, pubs or any other public places. I guess fully adopting to the environment should be normal at this stage, yet it was exciting for me when I thought about it. I’m planning to apologize from all the people I’ve bored during this adaptation period with questions like ”where is that?, where do i buy it?, where can i…?, what?” Then I stopped thinking and did the laundry. Besides a really unusual first time teaching experience, the assistantship gave me the opportunity to learn to live on my own. I’m doing all kinds of housework without any laziness. I only knew how to cook pasta and eggs before I came here, now I’m creating wonders in the kitchen. Well, maybe not wonders but at least I can make sandwiches with billions of different combinations. I’d call this progression while others might choose the word desperation.

Alright, back to G2. Things are more or less the same in the school. I don’t know is it my delusion or not but the students are looking more cheerful these days. I’ve decided to reason that with the arrival of Spring. Even I’m more cheerful nowadays, greeting good old sun in joy. There was an interesting day to celebrate Spring’s first day. I’ve been told that in this day students get to dress and act like teachers. I went to the school to observe but many students didn’t show up because they didn’t have to. I decided that I’d do the same thing if I were them and went back home. My mentor, who happens to be the best mentor alive by the way, informed me that there will be more of these days with different themes in the near future. I’ll observe them too. 

As nothing unusal happening these days, I want to talk about the past for a while. The other day, I saw the other assistants complaining about doing nothing culture-oriented in their schools and looked back to see what I’ve done in this regard. Majority of them were saying there have been no demand for a cultural event at all since their arrival and justifiably unhappy about this considering the whole point of the program is cultural interaction. Unlike them, I can count myself lucky in this matter. I had the opportunity talk about my country and culture and answer some questions in the beginning. Then I prepared a presentation and presented in lots of classes. The most interesting question I’ve been asked after my presentations was this: ‘Your country is so beautiful, why did you come here?’. I guess that’s the result of leaving the bad sides out and just talk about beautiful things about the certain country. I believe nobody cares about my political opinions and struggles during daily life, so I’ve been trying to leave out my personal opinions out of my presentations as much as possible. Hopefully that’ll result with a few additional tourists to my country during summer. It’s a great country for tourists anyway, I don’t think anybody will regret choosing Turkey. Besides the presentations I’ve prepared a showcase with materials from Turkey in the school. I’ve also tried to establish a cultural hour once a week but the students were too busy to participate. So, instead of doing that on regular basis, we decided to do occasional thematic events in the future. I’ll try to convince some students to participate in a traditional dances event just for fun. A Turkish movie projection and even a food tasting event (if i get good enough at cooking) are also in my plans. There’s a Turkish week in Warsaw starting on April 23rd, i’ll also go there and try to obtain new ideas to apply in our school. I’ve also been invited to another school to make a presentation and it went well. They’ve cooked Turkish food and they all tasted great. I even asked for recipe of one of them ashamedly. Unfortunately, two hours wasn’t enough to tell everything on my mind and answer all of their questions, so we agreed to meet once more before I leave Poland. That’s one of the cons of talking about the cultural aspects of a country full of cultural diversities. The required time is never match to the time given. But seeing the Spring has shown its beautiful face, I’ll devote more time on cultural aspects.

And now for something completely different, I’ve moved into a new apartment really close to the school. I can see it from my balcony and it feels really good. The name Kilińskiego is becoming an unforgettable part of my life.  

That’s all for now, do następnego razu. 

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